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June 30
Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office
MOOCs — massive open online courses — grant huge numbers of people access to world-class educational resources, but they also suffer high rates of attrition. To some degree, that’s inevitable: Many people who enroll in MOOCs may have no interest...
June 25
Jesse DeLaughter | MIT-SUTD Collaboration Office
June 25
Sydney Lester | Office of Engineering Outreach Programs

On the ODL Blog

July 1
Curt Newton
Yesterday, June 30, marked the official end of OCW’s spring publication cycle. Since last week’s new courses post , we have added ten more courses our growing pool: six that are new to OCW, and four that are updates to...
Portrait photo of smiling author Toni Morrison.
June 24
Joe Pickett, OCW Publication Director
Students walking in hallway to class
June 16
Joe Pickett, OCW Publication Director