MITx Faculty Advisory Committee
OpenCourseWare Faculty Advisory Committee

MITx Faculty Advisory Committee

Hazel L. Sive (Chair)
Professor, Biology

W. Craig Carter
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Isaac Chuang
Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Senior Associate Dean of Digital Learning

Michael Cuthbert
Associate Professor, Music

Woodie Flowers
Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Denny Freeman
Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Dean of Undergraduate Education

Mark Jarzombek
Professor, Architecture

S.P. Kothari
Professor, Sloan School of Management

Jennifer S. Light
Professor, Science Technology and Society and Urban Studies and Planning

Krishna Rajagopal
Professor, Physics and Chair of the Faculty

Pawan Sinha
Professor of Vision and Computational Neuroscience

Iain Stewart
Professor, Physics

OpenCourseWare Faculty Advisory Committee

Karen Willcox (Chair)
Professor, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Hal Abelson
Class of 1922 Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Drew Bent
Undergraduate Student, Physics

Noam Buckman
Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering

Cecilia d'Oliveira
Associate Dean of Digital Learning, Office of Digital Learning

Eric Klopfer
Professor, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Vijay Kumar
Associate Dean of Digital Learning with responsibility for Strategic Educational Initiatives, Office of Digital Learning

Stuart Madnick
J. N. Maguire Professor of Information Technology, Sloan School of Management

Haynes Miller
Professor, Department of Mathematics

Shigeru Miyagawa
Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures Section

Hazel Sive
Professor, Department of Biology

Dick Yue
Philip J. Solondz Professor of Engineering, School of Engineering